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Sanuces & Kumite Ryu: The Legacy of Dr. Moses Powell & Soke "Li'l John" Davis
GM Logan is a Senior Adviser, Legacy Leader and First Regional Director in the Family of Sanuces, with 10th Dan in both schools.
You can see GM Logan on YouTube, and he is a featured presenter at many East Coast VSK events.
Each August, we host our own Summer Seminar. You can buy tickets in June or July, or pay more at the door. 
We post some good clips on social media, and publish a thorough double DVD for each year's unique event.

Summer Seminar 2019: Featuring Soke "Li'l John" Davis
with Grandmasters Anthony Muhammad, Bill McCloud, Greg Mosley...and more.

Summer Seminar 2018: Master Showcase

Summer Seminar 2017: 3 Minutes of Master Moves

Summer Seminar 2016: DVD Preview

Summer Seminar 2015

Summer Seminar 2015: 11 masters, 11 minutes

 Summer Seminar 2014